The Swiss Parkour Tour creates a framework for the realisation of a legitimate and suitable competition system in Switzerland. Since 2020, the SPKA has been promoting the development and improvement of competition formats in the sport of parkour.

SPKA follows the guideline: Competition follows training. The core of Parkour is our training and the parkour jam. Following this principle, competitions should always adapt to contemporary training in order to preserve the core of the sport.This requires a constant further development and adaptation of the competition formats to the contemporary training culture while maintaining the principles of fair competition.

The Competition System of the Swiss Parkour Tour contains several Qualifying Competitions which lead to the Swiss Parkour Championships.

Qualifying Procedure Key-Figures:

  • In each format the best 10 athletes in the women & men category take part in the Swiss Parkour Championships.
  • The winners of the SPC 2023 are automatically qualified for the SPC 2024 in the respective format and category.
  • 9 more athletes can qualify through the qualifying competitions happening in 2024.
  • The best result achieved in the respective format and category is taken into account for the qualifying.

Qualifying Competitions 2024:

Infos for Qualifying Competitions can be found in the Event Calendar and are uploaded by the respective organisation.


The SPT contains 3 main formats which are included in the Competition System. As parkour involves at it’s core a practice of reinvention and reorganisation the defined competition formats do not represent the entirety of possible, suitable formats. Nevertheless, they form the basis of contemporary competitions and thus characterise a proven structure for the implementation of competitions in parkour.

A detailed description of each format and the respective sub-formats is described in the current SPT regulations.

The speed competition is a form of competition in which the participants have to cross a specified Course in the shortest possible time. At least one start and finish point are defined, as well as checkpoints placed in between.

The skills competition is a format where the participants have to succeed in various parkour movement challenges. The competition zone contains several stations where challenges are to be completed. The evaluation is based on the number of challenges succeeded.

The freestyle competition is a form of competition in which the participants present a parkour line and a parkour combo in a predetermined competition area. The parkour line and combo are assessed and scored by judges in terms of composition, difficulty, execution.


We are in a constant process of improvement and are dependent on opinions from the community: Do you have Feedback regarding the Competition System of the Swiss Parkour Tour? We want to hear it!

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