Swiss Parkour Tour

SPT coordinates and organises a diverse event landscape for the Swiss Parkour Community. The focus centres on the promotion of the jam culture and our innovative competition system. A comprehensive and unique event programme is provided in collaboration with the SPKA member organisations.

  • stay true to culture
  • competition follows training

  • Promoting Parkour within and outside of the Swiss parkour-community.
  • Providing an event system to promote jams.
  • Providing a regulated and suitable competition system for the sport of parkour.
  • Supporting our members in the orgainsation of jams and competitions.


2020: Opening Flyer for the Swiss Parkour Tour back in 2020.

Highlight: First Tour consisted of 3 Events, all of them including 1 competition.

2021: Opening Flyer for the Swiss Parkour Tour back in 2021.

Highlight: Integration of more partner organisations, so 7 Events were organised.

2022: Final Flyer for the Swiss Parkour Tour back in 2022.

Highlight: First time offical Finals of the Swiss Parkour Tour we held – the Swiss Parkour Championships.

2023: Swiss Jam Flyer for the Swiss Parkour Tour back in 2023.

Highlight: Introduction of our 2 new Main Events: Swiss Jam & Swiss Parkour Championships. 2 weekend-long Parkour Events.

2024: Swiss Jam Flyer 2024.

Highlight: Swiss Jam locates in Zurich at the Irchel Spot. Implementation of the updated Competition System.


We are in a constant process of improvement and are dependent on opinions from the community: Do you have Feedback regarding the Competition System of the Swiss Parkour Tour? We want to hear it!

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