Let’s Jam

07th of august 2021

The 4th stop of the Swiss Parkour Tour is going to happen in Martigny. The event will be a JAM, organised by Parkour Valais.

If the weather is not on our side on the 7th, we postpone the event to the 14th of August. We’ll keep you updated 🙂

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time table

12.15Meeting Point: train station Martigny
12.30Meeting Point: Main Spot Ruines Romaines
15′ walk from train station Martigny
13.00 – ca. 17.00Jam at Ruines Romaines
10′ walk from Ruines Romaines
ca. 17.00 – ca. 19.00Jam at Cycle de Martigny CO Octodure
ca. 19.00 – open endEnd of Jam


information provided by parkour valais

We will meet at the main CFF train station of Martigny around 12h00 to 12h15 before moving to the first spot “Ruines Romaines” where we will stay for a while. This first spot is a spot with grass & ancient walls of roman ruins, very nice for all levels. 

The second spot “Co Martigny” has some nice structures of studs coming out of the ground. 

At the end of the day, if everyone is done jumping, then we could go to eat something together and share a nice moment. 

Don’t forget to bring water with you ! The first spot will have a fountain to refill your bottle. There are going to be some soft drinks, snacks of fruits & cereal bars, but the best would be to bring some with you đŸ˜Š  

There will be a photographer during the jam, it will be a nice occasion for you to ask him to make some picture of your moves, the pictures will be then uploaded online.  

People wishing not to have to return too early with the train can sleep on site (Sierre / Chalais). There are 5 places available (two double beds, a mattress, an indoor hammock), and the possibility of installing two outdoor hammocks if you bring one. (A cat lives in the house, allergy sufferers should refrain.)

corona information

The maximum of people admitted at the event with the current situation is 500 persons.


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