Who’s Faster?

26th of june 2021

The 2nd stop of the Swiss Parkour Tour is going to happen in Lucerne. The event will be a JAM + a Speed-Competition, organised by Parkour Luzern.


corona information


Update: Due to the loosend restrictions regarding the containment of Covid-19 from the 23rd of June we are able to allow more people join the event. We raised the Jam-Tickets to 50 Tickets. With this increase of tickets we believe everybody who wants to join, is able to do so! That’s also why the Selling-Intervalls aren’t necessary anymore.

Due to current restrictions, only 50 people can attend the the JAM + Speed Competition. As this event is a qualifying event for the Tour Final, we decided to prioritise the people who want to participate in the Speed Competition. Yet, we are not happy do discriminate the ones, who don’t want to compete. This is why we decided for the following ticket structure:

Ticket OptionAmounts availableSelling Intervall
Speed-Competition & Jam
2023.06 / 12.00 till 25.06 / 23.59
Speed-Competition & Jam
1023.06 / 12.00 till 25.06 / 23.59
Jam-Only12 5023.06 / 12.00 till 26.06 / 15.00

If there are still places left after the ending of the Competition-Ticket-Selling-Intervall, we will give the spontaneous people the opportunity to join the jam and buy their ticket on the 26.06 in the morning.

We‘re still not really satisfied with this solution and we are truly sorry for everyone who can’t make it! We are pretty happy with this solution! 😀

time table

TimeWhat happens
12.00Start Jam
12.45Final Registration for Competition
13.30Competition Info
14.00Start Competition
16.00Final Runs
ca. 17.00End Competition
ca. 18.00End of Event

ticket information

For participating on the event you need to purchase a ticket. There are 3 different ticket options:

Ticket – OptionsPriceWhat you get for it
Speed-Competition & Jam
20.00 CHFThis ticket allows you to participate in the Speed-Competition and in the Jam.
Speed-Competition & Jam
20.00 CHFThis ticket allows you to participate in the Speed-Competition and in the Jam.
Jam-Only10.00 CHFThis ticket allows you to participate in the Jam.

*You can check if your organisation is a member of SPKA here.

If you’re not 18 years old

If you’re not already 18 years old, your legal representative needs to fill out a letter of agreement. You can Download the following file, fill it out and bring it to the event.

information provided by parkour luzern

We welcome you to JAM in the Grandstand-Parkour Park. The Event starts at 12.00. Next Time-Point will be the first run of the speed competition at around 14:00, followed by the final at around 16:00.
In the meantime there is always the possibility to train and jam! Parkour Luzern will provide drinks and snacks. We are looking forward to an awesome event with you! see you soon!