#2 | bern
let’s jam!
12th of june 2022


ParkourONE is organising a Parkour Festival called EveryONE. On the weekend of the 11th & 12th of June 2022 they will bring Parkour to the Schützenmatte in Bern: Workshops, Parkour-Park, Food & Drinks.

On the 12th of June they invite us to join their festival! Find your flow in the morning, by visiting different spots of the Swiss capital under the lead of local experts. Train and jam in the mobile parkour park and enjoy the urban atmosphere on the Schützenmatte – get something to eat, drink and rest.
In the afternoon, the jamming crowd will be lead to some more beatiful spots of Bern till we finish at the Grossen Schanze with a proper Tricking-Session.

For those who are looking for new approaches and challenges there will be the possibility to attend different workshops, organised by national and international parkour experts. Choose from different focus points and join on the spot.

Changes regarding the event will be communicated via spka.swiss Instagram & the SPT INFO CHAT on Whatsapp:

time table
09.15 – 12.00Spot-Hopping / Jam
*12.00 – 14.00Jam at the Schützenmatte / Parkour-Park
*12.00 -16.00Workshops
14.00 – 17.00Spot-Hopping / Jam
ca. 17.00 – open endTricking Session at the Grossen Schanze
* One-Day-Festival-Pass required

Meeting Point

Ticket information
  • To join the whole event it is required to buy a One-Day-Festival-Pass.
  • Check the Timetable to see which parts of the event require a Festival-Pass.
One-Day-Festival-Pass adults (over 12 yrs.)CHF 20.00
One-Day-Festival-Pass kids (6 – 12 yrs.)CHF 15.00