Let’s Jam

12th of june 2021

The 1st stop of the Swiss Parkour Tour is going to happen in Zurich. The event will be a JAM, organised by Freerun Zurich.

time table

11.30meeting point at Oerlikon train station
12.00meeting point at Irchelpark
12.00 – ca. 15.00Jam at Irchelpark & University
15.00 – ca. 17.00Jam at ETH / University Clinic (same spot as last Swiss Jam)
17.00 – open endJam and water session at Dynamo

information provided by freerun zurich

We will meet at 11.30 by Oerlikon main station or 12.00 already at the Irchelpark which will be the first spot. We will probably stay there until around 15.00 and move to the ETH/Universitätsspital tram stop where the next spot will be (ETH). This is the same spot as the last Swiss Jam.At around 17.00 we will go to the Dynamo to have a nice water session from the bridge there, so please bring swim shorts.We will provide something small to eat (bananas, apples, Farmer sticks) and also something to drink but please also bring something for yourself because we don’t want to be carrying a lot to move from spot to spot. Most importantly: Bring your friends 😀 

corona information

The maximum number of people who can join this event is 50.