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The Swiss Parkour Tour 2022 includes a total of three competitions:

  • Skill
  • Freestyle
  • Speed

The three competitions are stated as qualification competitions for the final, which is taking place on the 15th of October 2022 at the Overground in Basel.

Update regarding the qualifying for the finals:
The criteria for the qualification for the final had to be adjusted. The adjustment was made because the number of participants who took part in at least 2 competitions was too low. The adjustment provides that the qualification for the final will not be based on the total ranking points, but that the best five athletes per competition will be invited to the Tour Final.

The finalists are listed in the drop-down tables below:


If a qualified person cannot participate in the final, the next qualified person from the same competition will move up.

NameSkillSpeedStylebest resultstatus
Steullet Anne11001001c
Hunt Melanie10010011i
Bär Elena10011001c
Abeln Sara100232c
van der Linden Robin21001002c
Müller Cinzia21001002d
Abeln Zoe10010022c
de Konig Josien100343c
Döllmann Paula41001004d
i = participation inquired | c = participation confirmed | d = participation declined

If a qualified person cannot participate in the final, the next qualified person from the same competition will move up.

NameSkillSpeedStyleBest resultstatus
Ernst Josua7311c
Studer Benedikt811001d
Eugster Timo11001001c
Frosch Lukas10010022d
Stolz Damien21001002c
Tanner Cyrill10021002c
Lemmenmeier Jessy1001233c
Rojas Samuel31001003c
Dutoit Julian641004d
Gottofrey Nicolas41001004d
Tasdelen Mikail10010044c
Shabanaj Flamur100655c
Pierre Ludovic51001005d
Sasselli Gabriele10051005c
Nowak Niklas10010066d
Larrazabel Guillaume10010077c
i = participation inquired | c = participation confirmed | d = participation declined

first version of the qualifying:
For the qualification to the final, the best 2 out of 3 results in the competitions Skill, Freestyle and Speed are taken into account. The ranking points will be accumulated and the worst result will be deleted.
Best 15 athletes per category are qualified for the finals.

Single Competitions


Steullet Anne1
Van der Linden Robin2
Müller Cinzia2
Döllmann Paula4


Hunt Melanie1
Abeln Zoe2
Abeln Sara3
de Koning Josien4


Elena Baer1
Sara Abeln2
Josien De Koning3


Eugster Timo1
Stolz Damien2
Rojas Samuel3
Gottofrey Nicolas4
Pierre Ludovic5
Dutoit Julian6
Ernst Josua7
Studer Benedikt8
Sevino Sébastien9
Mulliez Benjamin10
Staubli Wanja11
Malvarez Diego12
Bialocur Michael13
Bucher Pascal13
Eugster Simon13
Maeder Florian16
Peveril Daniel16
Bernard William18
Linares Mathieu19


Ernst Josua1
Frosch Lukas2
Lemmenmeier Jessy3
Tasdelen Mikail4
Shabanaj Flamur5
Nowak Niklas6
Larrazabel Guillaume7
Schweizer Julien7
Elzinga Safier9
Läderach Fabian10
Stirnemann Noah10
DiDomenico Eric12
Patas Zeno13
Albertus Jesper14
Gioia Levio15


Benedikt  Studer1
Cyrill Tanner2
Josua Ernst3
Julian Dutoit4
Gabriele Sasselli5
Flamur Shabanaj6
Florian Maeder7
Justin Hollenstein8
Abdu Taleb9
Simeon Yasmin10
Ivan Schwegler11
Jessy Lemmenmeier12
Corsi Möri13
Dimitri Lichtsteiner14
Simon Brenner15
Zeno Patas16
Manuel Luschti17
Simon Eugster18
tour (2 out of 3)

The Tour-Scoresheets do not have impact on the qualifying for the finals.

NameSkillSpeedStyleSum of ranking Points (2/3)Tour Rank
Abeln Sara1002351
de Konig Josien1003472
Steullet Anne11001001013
Hunt Melanie10010011013
Bär Elena10011001013
van der Linden Robin21001001026
Müller Cinzia21001001026
Abeln Zoe10010021026
Döllmann Paula41001001049
NameSkillSpeedStyleSum of ranking Points (2/3)Tour Rank
Ernst Josua73141
Studer Benedikt8110092
Dutoit Julian64100103
Shabanaj Flamur10065114
Lemmenmeier Jessy100123155
Maeder Florian167100236
Patas Zeno1001613297
Eugster Simon1318100318
Eugster Timo11001001019
Frosch Lukas100100210210
Stolz Damien210010010210
Tanner Cyrill100210010210
Rojas Samuel310010010313
Gottofrey Nicolas410010010414
Tasdelen Mikail100100410414
Pierre Ludovic510010010516
Sasselli Gabriele100510010516
Nowak Niklas100100610618
Larrazabel Guillaume100100710719
Schweizer Julien100100710719
Hollenstein Justin100810010821
Elzinga Safier100100910922
Sevino Sébastien910010010922
Taleb Abdu100910010922
Läderach Fabian1001001011025
Mulliez Benjamin1010010011025
Stirnemann Noah1001001011025
Yasmin Simeon1001010011025
Schwegler Ivan1001110011129
Staubli Wanja1110010011129
DiDomenico Eric1001001211231
Malvarez Diego1210010011231
Bialocur Michael1310010011333
Bucher Pascal1310010011333
Möri Corsi1001310011333
Albertus Jesper1001001411436
Lichtsteiner Dimitri1001410011436
Brenner Simon1001510011538
Gioia Levio1001001511538
Peveril Daniel1610010011640
Luschti Manuel1001710011741
Bernard William1810010011842
Linares Mathieu1910010011943